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THE WOMAN AND HER BODY in sexotherapy

THE WOMAN AND HER BODY in sexotherapy

Dr Adriana guzman à Paris


The richness of all parts of the woman’s body is surprising and wonderful. However, unfortunately, many facets of the woman’s body are poorly understood or poorly apprehended by the woman herself and her partner.


A hasty description could look like this: legs, buttocks, face, breasts, belly, two hands, neck, back, thighs, genitalia…


All these elements of the body form an entity, they act in their entirety and constitute a demeanor, a look, a style, a personality, a uniqueness specific to each woman.

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While young girls typically pay attention to their appreance early on (cleanliness, games, clothing, adornment, hairstyle), they are even more concerned about their first menstrual period, which leads to a femininity that can be more or less accepted by herself and recognized by the entourage. This body will then be loved or hated, a certain suspicion towards it will emerge towards adolescence, in any case it will be a subject of interest all throughout her life.


Cat-calling, compliments from friends and family, and many other interactions will influence the girl’s perception and representation of her body (both in general and specifically from a sexual point of view). The impact of media, culture, and standards is significant as well and should be taken into consideration.


Size, weight, “total look”, everything is reviewed and many young women dream of the ideal body displayed in subway corridors or in magazines.


Dieting, moisturizing creams, firming, smoothing, laser hair removal, aesthetic medicines, plastic surgery, self-image coaching, offer an unparalleled panoply of solutions to be beautiful “because you’re worth it”.