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THE ENJOYMENT in sexotherapy

THE ENJOYMENT in sexotherapy

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A woman’s orgasm is an invisible inner experience, though some will emit sounds, secreet liquids, or have spasms. Despite that, the orgasm takes place primarily in the woman’s brain.


The clitoris transmitted voluptuous sensations, the erogenous zones contributed to exacerbate the excitement, the fusional exchange of the couple has come to its peak, everything is ready for climax!


It is the apogee, the intense physical and cerebral pleasure. Some women may have multiple orgasms during intercourse (orgasmic repeat or pluri-orgasmia).


The intensity of the female orgasm can be related to the quality of the musculature surrounding the vagina but also to the woman’s healthy self-erotic development during adolescence.

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In order to experience an orgasm, the woman must first be able “let go” on the psychological and relational level. An overly controlled personality, negative ideas about men or sexuality, environmental hypervigilance, conflictual couple situations, and unconscious desire for revenge can lead to failure.

The mystery of the woman’s orgasm remains total because, contrary to man’s, the infrastructure required for the orgasm to occur is built throughout each woman’s life. All aspects of a woman’s body and mind are involved in determining her relationship with orgasms, and it is possible to help nurture this relationship.

Learning to take this path is not systematically done: the taboos, ideologies, religions, and family cultures can deter from it.

THE ENJOYMENT in sexotherapy

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Many women are suspected of feigning enjoyment! Unlike men who have very visible physical manifestations of orgasm, women can simulate pleasure, ecstasy, letting go.


Orgasm is, in fact, very important and beneficial in our society. Lack of orgasm – whether on the woman’s side, the man’s side, or both – can make sexuals interactions partially unfulfilling, or uninteresting.


A man who is capable of penetrating a woman and making her attain this ecstasy gains confidence in his masculinity and manliness, he is the one who procures this happiness for his partner. It is sometimes the man who encourages his female partner to consult if her orgasms become scarce or disappear.