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CONTRACEPTION in sexotherapy

CONTRACEPTION in sexotherapy

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Although contraception has become commonplace and easy today, it is still an important aspect of the sexual and emotional life of men and women.

A well-targeted, well-lived contraception offers an effective and safe feeling to the sexual relation. The couple has the possibility to indulge in each other in a rich sensual and erotic relation and, gradually, to proverbially “let go” and feel pleasure and enjoyment.

In contrast, a lack of contraception (voluntary, cultural, medical) or poorly adapted contraception will generate, in the long run, deficiencies in the desire, the harmony between partners, and the feeling of love.

So it is not necessary to have reached a “high” standard of living to be happy in love, but to opt for a certain lifestyle. The contraceptive method is included in that lifestyle.

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Reproductive risks and the risks of sexually transmitted infections interfere with the minds of less experienced, younger individuals.


Public authorities advocate the use of condoms, which can be obtained everywhere, without the intervention of the doctor and without premeditation. However, their use is not necessarily obvious to a young couple and the condom is accused of being un-romantic and of lessening the genital sensations.

Oral contraception or pills, although requiring an appointment with a doctor or gynecologist, is effective, practical, and invisible. However, over the years, it provokes a hormonal shortness that can, gradually, cause disorders of desire in women.

CONTRACEPTION in sexotherapy

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It isn’t the sex therapist’s role to prescribe the contraceptive means mentioned above, same goes for other methods of contraception such as spermicides, diaphragm, or other intrauterine devices or Nova Ring. However, the sex therapist will listen to women and men about the psychological, relational, or physiological effects of the chosen (or imposed) contraceptive means. These effects might include : discomfort or tingling of the penis during the sexual intercourse caused by certain IUDs, fear of a pregnancy in the use of spermicides, a man made insecure by a contraceptive means he considers too random, moral principles and ideologies.


The couple will benefit if they are willing to adapt certain habits and attitudes pertaining to sexual relations, namely aspiration towards a modern method of contraception (for unpredictable, occasional reports, etc). Finally, a careful and sincere dialogue with the practitioner, accompanied by reliable and up-to-date information on his part, are essential to overcome this problem of contraception — a problem that will no longer exist if we seek our partners’ erotic and emotional fulfillment!