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Sensuality is an ability to experience the pleasures of the senses and to be receptive to various physical sensations , especially during sexual and amorous interactions. What characterizes this erotic aptitude of visual, tactile, olfactory, auditory and gustatory origin is not only its intensity but also what its ability to evoke pleasant memories. It has its origins in childhood and then develops more or less spontaneously and to varying degrees in humans.

We call archaic sensuality the very first sensual pleasant experiences of the baby, like being cradled in the arms of his mother or father, to receive caresses, kisses, tender words. If these marks of affection are lacking, the adult child will have more difficulty letting himself go into a harmonious sensual relationship during his life as a couple.

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Intimacy means being able to accommodate another person in one’s own home or territory without feeling a sense of invasion or contamination.


Intimacy implies the ability to listen to your own feelings and to put yourself in your partner’s shoes without losing your own consciousness. This quality has bodily, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects. It is sometimes difficult to go through or to put in place for some people; there may be false intimacies such as fusion or promiscuity. In contrast, welcoming your partner in your own territory implies self-confidence and autonomy.


It is often observed that men, though physically better armed than women, have relegated for centuries the world of feelings and sensations to the female universe.

The learning of this intimacy is facilitated by the natural relationship that the little girl establishes, from birth and throughout her life, with her mother.


This affective availability depends on prenatal roots and the way in which early relationships have developed. (See the previous paragraph on archaic sensuality)

Example of an impossible intimacy: the “mariages blancs”. They are couples who have never made love; some divorce and even get the annulment of their marriage by the church, but the majority of these couples continue to live together, sharing a terrible secret.


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“What makes you a woman?” We sometimes ask our patients!

Being and feeling feminine, as opposed to masculine, calls for physical, psychic, social, and cultural perceptions and representations. The development of these perceptions can be more or less harmonious during childhood and adolescence, it then continues during the various stages of life (youth, maternity, menopause, old age).

Many representations of the feminine ideal are conveyed through the media, fashion, or time period. They act in various ways on women’s self-confidence and on the way each woman perceives her role in her environment .


Although, in the olden days, the typical feminine character traits were gentleness, fragility, emotionality, seduction, and grace, the contemporary response is more nuanced and incorporates more masculine features (the reverse is also true).

It is frequently observed that the hyperactive life of women and their multiple roles (as wives, mothers, lovers, housewives and working women) makes it difficult for them to have the freedom, the time, and the resources to enable their femininity to blossom. This problematic, and the resulting frustrations, can constitute obstacles for couples, and generate disorders of the libido.