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The term seduction has its origins in the Latin word seducere, meaning “pulling away”, attracting someone in an irresistible and charming way in order to exercise a power over them, to get something from them.


The potential of seduction is exerted through a strong attraction for another person, by a charm, a personal power. While men and women do not necessarily have the same weapons to seduce, both genders will be influenced by their time period and culture.

Though their power of seduction diminishes with age, humans hold on to it for as long as possible.

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The learning of seduction behavior takes place very early in the small human being, it obeys rituals and a logic specific to each culture and has many features common to the love parades performed by animals (nuptial parade of the male bird).


The body and its morphology constitute the basis of the raw material of seduction: postures, attitudes and gestures to express feelings, desires, expectations, but also the harmony of the body, its different volumes (head, Pelvis, muscles, etc.) that determine a kind of global and interactive aesthetic.
While men are attracted by the roundness of the breasts, hips, buttocks and legs of women, women are attracted by the look, the muscular power, the size, the grain of the skin


The harmonious movements of the body, the way a person walks, a sensual rhythm given to the pelvis, all contribute to the power of seduction between men and women. Love relationships with a languorous rhythm of dance, a tempo adapted for coitus, a natural (or learned) know-how for intercourse will perfect these interactions. In contrast, lack of experience, being overly shy, or lacking seduction skills can impede these fulfilling interactions.


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Fabric has always been prized in the distinguishment and sensuality of humans: colored cotton, shimmering velvet, see-through silk, immaculate lace.

New contemporary textures make it possible to divinely mold a body, to make it savantly animal, to confuse the imaginary and the real.
It often doesn’t take much: the transparency of a beach tunic, the cleavage of a blouse, the color of a bra.

It is up to women to be creative without exceeding their budget! And do not forget to shop when the major lingerie brands are having sales.

The pleasure of seduction, the subtle euphoria of the first date, the intensity of these first contacts is very closely tied to the face, which is what enables speaking to each other and looking at each other.

The attraction and seduction of luscious lips on a smiling mouth, well-drawn eyebrows, eye colors, and well balanced volumes is unarguable. On top of this come the standards of beauty specific to the era and the social environment, these determine the makeup, hairstyles, and ornaments.

The velvety and sensual intonation of the voice can seduce and exacerbate the attraction for the person, the grave or delicate timbre has the ability to transport the other in the untiringly renewed world enjoying being attractive.

Our natural body odors are increasingly difficult to detect: on the one hand, because the use of human smell has regressed (out of respect for social convenience) and is much lower than that of animals, and on the other hand we wash more by often adding deodorants and other artificial perfumes after showering or bathing.

However body milks, eaux de toilette and perfumes are not to be neglected because they are part of our seduction arsenal. In fact, we tend to associate an era of our life or an important relationship to a perfume name, smell having a deep and long memory in our archaic brain.

The natural odor of the lusted or loved person is a strong element of seduction, it confers an irresistible attraction and far exceeds the best and most expensive perfumes!