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Labia majora augmentation in Paris

Labia majora augmentation in Paris

Dr Adriana guzman

Who this procedure is intended for ?

Recover the fullness aspect of your labia majora without surgery with the volumetric effect of hyaluronic acid treatment specially designed for this specific area Desirial Plus™. As for other body parts, when you lose weight or with the aging process the fullness aspect of the labia majora begins to be lost leading to a loosening and deflated labia aspect. This tissue atrophy can alter the natural vulvar protection and lead to uncomfortable sensations. Hyaluronic acid volumetric injections help to restore the natural protective function of the labia by giving immediately fullness and healthy intimate for women.



Dr Guzman will study your needs and desires, if the treatment is suitable for you, an injection session will be organized. The procedure implies local anaesthesia for a comfortable pain free treatment. Dr Guzman uses micro-cannulas (small and smooth tip tube) to inject and equally distribute the product just under the skin of the labia majora until get the desired volume effect. Please count around 20 minutes session.

Labia majora augmentation

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Lasting quality

Immediately fullness is obtained after the treatment, which will last over a year depending on your metabolism. Top-up sessions can follow to maintain the result.


Side effects

Swelling, bruises, soreness, a tickly sensation.



Pregnancy, breast-feeding, skin rashes, local infection, immune system disorders,