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THE EROTIC FANTASY in sexotherapy

THE EROTIC FANTASY in sexotherapy

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In its definition in the Petit Larousse (french reputable Dictionnary), eroticism is all that relates to the evocation of physical love and the varied search for sexual arousal .


Contrary to “sexuality”, which sometimes boils down to a coital act of reproduction without any imagination, “eroticism” confers imagination, creativity and pleasure to sexual intercourse . It is an art of desire and of the development of pleasure, it is the typically human art of enjoyment, in the literal and figurative sense.


If some people are gifted to introduce the erotic function into their couple, others are significantly less so. In any case, it is a pity to renounce eroticism and to settle for a banal and repetitive sexuality: it is possible for one to learn, and foster, eroticism.

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Our fantasies are elaborated by our imaginary psyche and correspond to the expression of a desire. While fantasy is generally associated with sexuality, it can however come under other domains, such as the fantasy of being rich, beautiful, intelligent.


This representation of an imaginary world provokes sexual emotions and gives access to more or less elaborate scenarios with stagings of characters, attitudes, sometimes with decorations, accessories, and so on.


Fantasy finds its place between desire and reality and in most cases it will remain in the domain of the creation of the spirit.
Fantasies are precious assets for sexuality, they make it richer, more varied and allow to develop a playful aspect in the relationship. People who are out of fantasy end up living in diminished, boring relationships and are advised to enrich this sphere of the imagination, either individually or as a couple.


Our fantasies, which are sometimes immoral and cause us to feel embarrassment or shame, nevertheless generate an undeniable fascination for our desires and our pleasure. They turn into little stories that we know well and that we improve intimately, deep inside us, to make them even more crispy and titillating.

THE EROTIC FANTASY in sexotherapy

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These are accessories and various objects that stimulate and complete desire and excitement.


The main categories listed are “body jewelry”, namely lingerie (thongs, garter belts, pantyhose, stockings, bra, revealing and transparent garments) which provoke tactile and visual stimulations.


Then come the “sex toys” (ex: dildos, vibrators, geisha balls for women and cockring for men) as well as SM accessories, light or not.


To this non-exhaustive list we could add the fetishes (clothes, shoes with needle-sticks, latex), the amorous behaviors allowing the erotic stimulation (submission, domination, punishment, spanking) and other exotic cuisines (aphrodisiacs, spices, whipped cream).


Erotic movies and magazines complete these spices of love. But be weary of pornography, which does not necessarily appeal to madam, and could tend to turn her off rather than on!