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Dr Adriana Guzman
Dr Adriana Guzman
When the sexologist asks the woman to draw her gentialia or the perception she has of it, what will she really draw?

What zones does she know of her genitalia, which is invisible (unlike that of man) and yet so present within her self and her environment?

She will speak of the Mons Pubis or Mons of Venus, (where it is again?), she will draw the vagina, perhaps the clitoris or the uterus, the lips. 

All these mysterious, unknown, fantasized regions plunge us into the very heart of the organs of feminine sexuality. They are supposed to bring her pleasure, enjoyment, children, but sometimes also displeasure, pain, doubts.

This pleasure / pain contradiction, experienced all in the same genital area, may disorient the woman and the couple in their love or sex life.

The body and genitalia, which offer so much pleasure and intimacy, are capable, especially at certain stages in a woman's life, of becoming her worst enemy.
(Menstrual disorders, painful delivery, lack of lubrication, pain during sexual intercourse, problems related to aging).

Some women end up putting an end to sex altogether, and thus to their emotional life as well since their genitalia, in the patient's own words, "give up on them". Other troubled women, with or without the support of their companion, decide to consult and to consider a new future with the support of one or more specialists (therapists, doctors, surgeons, etc).