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Dr Adriana Guzman
Dr Adriana Guzman
Decades ago, couples did not benefit from effective contraceptive methods, and pregnancy came soon after marriage or even during the honeymoon!

If one wanted to start a family, the rapid arrival of a baby was not necessarily a deliberate will from the young couple.

Nowadays things have completely changed: before trying to conceive, partners typically consult each other, cease the means of contraception and therefore consciously make a baby.
This freedom generates certain disturbances or doubts as to the will to procreate. It also confers an important responsibility associated with this choice, and the man and the woman may have differents takes on the matter (large age difference, arrival of quarantine in women, recomposed family, adulterous couple, etc).
The desire for a child is ambiguous in some women: they are accustomed to using a contraceptive method and voluntarily decide to stop in order to go on the great adventure of pregnancy and maternity.

Some women can also be turned on by the idea of ​​making love to make a child. They sometime incite their partner to have sexual intercourse during fertile days (the man sometimes complains of feeling relegated to the rank of "genitor").
Sexuality and pregnancy are two sides of the same coin, one being the origin of the other!

The pregnant woman will notice bodily changes such as more generous breasts, a bulging and then prominent belly, roundness sometimes in the face.

If the pregnancy is desired, if both partners are on the same page, if they fully accept this transient — yet very real — stage for a few months, the pregnant woman may even have a renewed libido due to considerable hormonal changes.

But it is also possible that she feels tired, irritated, and insecure as a woman, and a desire disorder can suddenly occur in the last few weeks.

We must not neglect the future father and his reactions! As the belly of his companion becomes round, and other signs of pregnancy become more visible, the man can be destabilized during the act of love, become clumsy or overprotective, even if his feelings remain intact.

The sex therapist advises to preserve intimate contact through kisses, caresses, massages, marks of tenderness and attention throughout the pregnancy, even if penetration can be difficult or impossible for physiological or psychological reasons.
Childbirth is an important psychological and physical experience in the lives of both women and men . Pregnancy can be a positive experience as much as it can be a bad one, the mother is required to undergo a process of fusion as well as one of separation with the newborn.

The young father, especially if the child is a firstborn, must often face strong emotional contradictions: the love for their companion strengthens, the events related to childbirth can appear disturbingly violent (blood, shouting, powerful expulsion). These traumas can lead to libido disorders when sexuality is resumed.