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Dr Adriana Guzman
Dr Adriana Guzman
It pursues the same objectives as cosmetic surgery by focusing on the beauty, rejuvenation and repair of the genital areas , but it is limited to less invasive and less costly means.

The techniques commonly used involve filling products, botulinum toxin, radiofrequency and lasers.

It is a medicine of comfort and the quality of life which must respect the patient's health as a priority and surround itself with the basics of rigor shown by a practitioner worthy of the name .
Aesthetic and plastic surgery of the genitals involves the appearance, size and function of the sexual organs. It is possible to rectify, change and improve each of these parameters which cause unpleasantness and dysfunction in sexuality for the individual and / or the couple.
If men are primarily seeking extension and enlargement of the penis, women want to correct congenital malformations, birth trauma or aging.
Cosmetic surgery is in the field of complexity and deserves to be approached in a global way. There is not one of the aspects mentioned above that does not affect the others (systemic approach).
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People who may need to resort to intimate surgery are very diverse:
- young girls who suffer from a congenital anomaly or childhood trauma, hymen breaks ,

- women who bear the sexual consequences of their childbirth,
- women (and their partners) who seek an increase in their sexual pleasure,
- mature women, confronted with menopause and aging .

Hippocrates taught his disciples: above all, do not harm.

The practice of surgery meets demanding rules to respect this principle, and neither aesthetic medicine nor intimate surgery are exceptions: on the contrary.
That is why I have defined an elaborate and precise protocol for presiding over the patient's decision and intervention.