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Dr Adriana Guzman
Dr Adriana Guzman
Consultation plays an essential role in your aesthetic project. It helps determine if your motives and demands are precise and clear. During the consultation, I will review all medical conditions that may be responsible for the situation and determine whether there are any contraindications to the procedure or prevent you from achieving the expected results.

I will explain in detail the benefits of the procedure, but also what is reasonable to expect.

It is only when the patient is well informed and the surgeon fully understands his expectations that we can avoid any disappointment thereafter.

That is the question we have to answer together.
It is important to properly diagnose your request. Why and above all... for whom do you come to consult? What are your problems: libido at half-mast, painful intercourse, anorgasmia, vaginismus, bad self-image or genital anatomy, lack of confidence? Are you alone, or alone on a sentimental level, or are you a couple? If so, how does your companion support you? What are his or her wishes in relation to yours? What help can be expected from him or her?

These are some of the questions that we will study so as to help me apprehend the situation and offer you the solution that I consider the best.
For men, the diagnosis can only be the conclusion of a careful investigation that will be carried out by an andrologist, specialist of such questions.

In practice the answer can be either medical: prescriptions medication, clinical sexotherapy, or psychotherapy sometimes, or surgical by action on the arteries or placement of a penile prosthesis.
These treatments are midway between therapeutic and comfort surgery. They require precise pre-operative information before making a decision. The results will live up to what can be expected, but the risk of complications should not be neglected.

The duration of the overall temporary disability and the price depend on the type of intervention .