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Dr Adriana Guzman
Dr Adriana Guzman

Treatment fees

Aesthetic surgery can not be reimbursed either by the social security or by your complementary health insurance. The total cost is therefore your responsibility.
Treatment fees vary according to the extent of the action and, in the case of intimate aesthetic medicine, depending on the number of sessions or products needed to achieve the desired effect, as well as any associated acts.

However, only the first consultation pays. All subsequent consultations, whether before treatment or after treatment, are free of charge.

The quotation

A quote will be submitted to you after the consultation and represents the overall cost of the services. All the services of the quotation are subject to the application of the VAT to the extent of 20 %.

The quotation includes:
  • The services of the clinic (operating room costs and the cost of hosting in a single room, whether you are outpatient or in hospital),
  • Surgical fees,
  • The fees of the anesthesiologist,
  • The costs of operational assistance.
For aesthetic treatments, the patient has a minimum reflection period of 15 days.

Reconstructive surgery and health insurance

Unlike pure aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery can be partially covered by health insurance.

Automatic support

The coverage is automatic and does not require prior agreement by the health insurance. Thus, the total cost of the hospitalization will be paid by the health insurance while you don't have to pay any cost.

An estimate with the surgeon's fees and the anesthetist's fees will be submitted. These fees may be refunded, totally or partially, by your supplementary mutual insurance under the contract subscribed. To find out the amount of the reimbursement to which you are entitled, you can consult the table of guarantees of your contract or send to your mutual insurance company your quote containing the code of nomenclature of the social security.

Treatments Rates

For women  
Labiaplsty (labia minora reduction) aesthetics from 1600 €
Hymenoplasty from 1600 €
Labia majora enhancement with hyaluronic acid from 900 € 
Labia majora enhancement by lipofilling from 1800 €
G-spot enhancement by hyaluronic acid from 600 €
G-spot enhancement by lipofilling from 1800 €
Botox for vaginism from 700 €
Vaginal lifting by lipofilling from 2000 €
Vaginal tightening by Thermiva 850 € per session, or 2500 € for three sessions.
Monalisa — vaginal laser for dryness and tightening sessions. 450 € per session or 1200 € for three sessions
Vaginoplasty - vaginal lifting from 3400 €
Clitoral hood reduction from 1600 €
Clitoridoplasty reduction from 2800 €
For men  
Mons Pubis reduction  by liposuction from 2500 €
Penis enlargement starting at 4000 €
Scrotal lifting starting at 3500 €
Testicular prosthesis from 2000 €
Preputial Plasties from 1600 €
Penis enlargement by hyaluronic acid 350 € per syringe, starting at 1500 €