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The approach involve both the sex therapist and the surgeon. The problem can pertain to genital malformation, complications following childbirth, traumatisms, aging. The therapist will accompany the person in the before and after surgery phases.
Their purpose is to change a behavior by resorting to a reconditioning of the individual or couple.
They rely on aspects of the body and often use relaxation and bio-energy. They tend to improve the self-image, sharpen the senses, and improve non-verbal communication.
Relaxation allows the patient to let go of certain undesirable mental shackles, and to better control stress and negative emotions, which often arise in the event of sexual dysfunction.
It aims to identify phenomena originating from the subconscious realm, as well as emotions that obstruct the erotic impulses. Since these impulses are an integral part of life, their obstruction often leads to conflicts and dysfonction from an erotic or a sensual standpoint.
These techniques, based on relaxation, combine visualization with suggestions .